Best Music to Study to Reddit: The Ultimate Guide

Studying can be a challenging task, especially when you’re trying to concentrate in a noisy environment. That’s why many students turn to music to help them focus and create a conducive study environment. But with so many genres and playlists available, it can be challenging to find the right music to study to. In this article, we’ll explore the best music to study to Reddit, according to popular opinion.

Criteria for Selecting Music for Studying

It’s essential to consider several factors when selecting music to study to. The right music can help you concentrate and improve your memory retention, while the wrong music can be a distraction. Here are some criteria to consider when selecting music for studying.


The tempo of a song refers to its pace, and it can significantly impact your concentration. According to research, music with a tempo of about 60-70 beats per minute can help you focus and improve your memory retention.


The instrumentation of a song refers to the type and number of instruments used. Generally, songs with fewer instruments are better for studying as they’re less distracting.


The genre of a song can also impact your concentration. Some genres, such as classical music, are known for their calming effect, while others, such as hip hop, can be too distracting for some people.


While some people can study with songs that have lyrics, others find them too distracting. If you’re one of the latter, you’ll want to select songs with little or no lyrics.


The duration of a song is also essential when selecting music for studying. Longer songs can be distracting as they’re more likely to have changes in tempo and instrumentation. On the other hand, shorter songs can be too abrupt and interrupt your concentration.

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Top 5 Music Genres for Studying According to Reddit

Now that we’ve covered the criteria for selecting music for studying let’s explore the top five music genres for studying according to Reddit users.

Lo-fi Hip Hop

Lo-fi hip hop is a popular genre among students as it’s relaxing and has a steady tempo. The genre is also known for its simple instrumentation, making it easy to study to without being distracted. The popularity of lo-fi hip hop has led to the creation of several YouTube channels and playlists dedicated to it.


Classical music has been a go-to genre for studying for centuries. The genre is known for its calming effect and lack of distracting lyrics. Additionally, classical music has a wide range of tempos, making it easy to find a song that matches your pace of studying.

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Jazz music is another popular genre for studying. The genre’s improvisational nature means that there’s no shortage of jazz songs with a steady tempo and simple instrumentation. Additionally, jazz music is excellent for improving focus and reducing stress.


Ambient music is a genre that’s designed to create a relaxing atmosphere. The genre is known for its repetitive and soothing melodies, making it perfect for studying. Additionally, ambient music has no or minimal lyrics, making it less distracting.

Video Game Soundtracks

Video game soundtracks have become increasingly popular among students as they’re designed to help players focus on the game’s objectives. The music is often instrumental and has a steady tempo, making it perfect for studying. Additionally, video game soundtracks can evoke emotions and memories, which can help with memory retention.

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Popular Playlists and Channels for Studying on Reddit

If you’re looking for curated playlists or channels to help you study, Reddit has plenty of options. Here are some of the most popular playlists and channels for studying on Reddit.

Chillhop Music

Chillhop Music is a YouTube channel that specializes in lo-fi hip hop music. The channel has several playlists designed explicitly for studying, such as “Chillhop Essentials” and “Lofi Hip Hop Radio – Beats to Relax/Study To.”

Study Girl and Lofi Girl

Study Girl and Lofi Girl are two YouTube channels that stream lo-fi hip hop music 24/7. Both channels have a live chat feature, allowing viewers to interact with each other while studying.

Jazz Vibes

Jazz Vibes is a YouTube channel that streams jazz music 24/7. The channel has several playlists, such as “Late Night Jazz” and “Smooth Jazz.”

Classical Music for Studying

Classical Music for Studying is a YouTube channel that specializes in, you guessed it, classical music. The channel has several playlists, such as “Mozart for Studying” and “Beethoven for Studying.”

By using these playlists and channels, you can discover new music that’s perfect for studying and create a playlist that matches your study pace and preferences.

Tips for Creating Your Own Study Playlist

Creating your own study playlist can be a great way to personalize your study environment and ensure you have the right music to help you focus. Here are some tips for creating your own study playlist.

Start with a Genre You Enjoy

Start by selecting a genre you enjoy listening to, as this will make it easier to concentrate. Consider genres like ambient, jazz, or classical, which are known for their calming effect.

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Experiment with Different Tempos and Instruments

Once you’ve selected a genre, experiment with different tempos and instruments to find what works best for you. Try songs with a tempo of 60-70 beats per minute, and select songs with fewer instruments to avoid distraction.

Consider Creating a Playlist for Each Subject

Consider creating a playlist for each subject you’re studying as different subjects may require different types of music. For example, you may want to listen to ambient music when studying for a history exam but switch to classical music when studying for a math exam.

Take Breaks and Switch Up the Music

Remember to take breaks every hour and switch up the music to avoid becoming too accustomed to a particular song. Switching up the music can also help you stay focused and avoid getting bored.


In conclusion, finding the best music to study to can be a personal preference, but there are some guidelines to follow. As discussed, factors such as tempo, instrumentation, genre, lyrics, and duration should be considered when selecting music for studying. Reddit users have identified some of the best genres for studying, including lo-fi hip hop, classical, jazz, ambient, and video game soundtracks. Additionally, creating your own study playlist can help personalize your study environment and ensure you have the right music to help you focus. Remember to experiment with different genres, tempos, and instruments, take breaks, and switch up the music to keep your mind fresh and focused.