Orion Lake: A Deadly Education Fan Art

Are you a fan of Naomi Novik’s A Deadly Education? If so, you’ve probably come across fan art featuring the enigmatic character, Orion Lake. In this article, we’ll explore the impact of Orion Lake on the A Deadly Education fandom community, the emergence of fan art featuring the character, and the controversy surrounding it.

Who is Orion Lake?

Orion Lake is one of the main characters in A Deadly Education, a novel set in a magical school where students are constantly battling for survival. He is described as a powerful, yet aloof wizard who possesses a dark reputation. Readers are drawn to Orion’s mysterious personality and his complex relationship with the protagonist, El Higgins.

Orion’s character development throughout the novel is a key factor that has endeared him to many readers. He starts as a somewhat antagonistic figure, but as the story progresses, the layers to his personality are peeled away, making him a more empathetic and relatable character.

The character has become so popular that he has inspired a legion of devoted fans who create and share fan art featuring him. But what exactly is fan art, and why has Orion Lake become such a popular subject? Let’s find out in the next section.

The Emergence of Orion Lake Fan Art

Fan art is a type of artwork created by fans of a particular work of fiction, such as a book, movie, or video game. It can take many forms, including drawings, paintings, digital art, and more. A Deadly Education has a large and active fan base, and it’s no surprise that many fans have chosen to express their love for the series through fan art.

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Orion Lake has become a particularly popular subject for fan artists. Many fans are drawn to his enigmatic and complex personality, which provides ample inspiration for artistic interpretation. Some fan artists choose to depict Orion as a brooding, mysterious figure, while others focus on his more vulnerable and emotional side.

There are many examples of Orion Lake fan art circulating online. Some of the most popular pieces include digital art featuring Orion in various poses and settings, as well as traditional drawings and paintings. Some fan artists have even gone so far as to create fan comics or animations featuring Orion and other characters from A Deadly Education.

The Controversy Surrounding Orion Lake Fan Art

While Orion Lake fan art has a large and devoted following, it has also sparked controversy within the A Deadly Education fandom community. Some critics have argued that fan art featuring Orion is problematic because it romanticizes his abusive behavior towards the protagonist, El Higgins.

Others have defended Orion’s character and the portrayal of him in fan art, arguing that his actions are complex and nuanced and that he is not simply a one-dimensional villain. They also point out that fan art is a form of creative expression and should be judged on its artistic merit rather than its adherence to certain moral standards.

The debate surrounding Orion Lake fan art is ongoing, and it highlights the importance of critical engagement with popular culture. While fan art can be a valuable and enriching form of artistic expression, it’s important to be aware of the potential problems and controversies that can arise when depicting complex and controversial characters like Orion Lake.

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Fan art and the future of Orion Lake

The popularity of fan art featuring Orion Lake has not gone unnoticed by the author, Naomi Novik. In fact, Novik has shared some fan art on her social media accounts, showing her appreciation for the creativity and talent of her fans.

But fan art has the potential to do more than just entertain fans; it can also influence the direction of the series. As fans create and share their interpretations of Orion Lake, they may inadvertently shape the character’s future in the series. Perhaps Novik will take inspiration from fan art when developing Orion’s character further, or maybe the fan art will inspire her to explore new storylines or plot twists.

One thing is for sure: fan art has the power to keep fans invested in the series and excited for what’s to come.


In conclusion, Orion Lake of A Deadly Education has become a beloved character among fans, inspiring a plethora of fan art. While the fan art has been met with some controversy, it has undeniably contributed to the fandom community’s engagement with the series.

As fans eagerly await the release of the next book in the series, it will be interesting to see how fan art continues to shape our perception of Orion Lake and influence the direction of the series. Whatever the future holds, one thing is certain: the fan art created in honor of Orion Lake is a testament to the power of Novik’s storytelling and the passion of her fans.

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